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About Us

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Jackson Haffner

I’m currently a senior at Scarsdale High School who likes to push the boundaries on creative thinking and have always had a knack for helping others. As I prepare to go off to college next year, I would like to leave Scarsdale knowing that I’ve made a positive impact in our community. With Build A Cure Furniture I have combined my love of helping others and working with my hands to help raise awareness for ovarian cancer and all the people that it affects. After Thomas’ grandmother died in late 2018, I wanted to help him through his loss and we found that furniture was the perfect outlet for this. Although our operation may be small, we hope to make a big impact in the community surrounding us.

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Thomas Reynolds

I am currently a junior at Scarsdale High School, in 2018 I lost my grandmother to ovarian cancer. It was a devastating loss to my family and a terrible disease to live through. I promised myself I would do anything I could do so no woman would have to go through what my grandmother did. The idea of building handcrafted furniture may be small, but from small ideas, wonderful things can happen for women everywhere, whose health and wellbeing must be a top priority. Build A Cure is my way of remembering a wonderful woman in my life.

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What We Do

Today's furniture has become a blend of mass produced items most commonly using faux wood. This has limited the creativity surrounding the furniture industry and this is something that we strive to do differently. At Build A Cure Furniture, we create custom, hand made furniture using only real wood. We commonly use different types of oak, mahogany, walnut, and maple which provides improved durability and a more genuine look than an artificial piece of wood. We specialize in working with live edge slabs and epoxy resin building absolutely stunning river tables. Every piece of furniture we make is unique and one-of-a-kind making it dazzle anyone who sees it. This isn't just furniture, it's art.

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